The word "Rally" has many meanings - it is both a verb and a noun, and an altogether perfect word to form the foundation of  an EPIC outdoor event:

ral·ly | /ˈralē/ :To recover or cause to recover in health, spirits, or poise  :To join in a common cause or muster for a common purpose | :a summoning up of strength or courage after weakness or dejection | :a competition for motor vehicles, typically in stages and through checkpoints


It has been used to describe high energy events that motivate fans to cheer for the home team, or as a cry to bring troops together to defeat a common enemy. While it helps to describe the stage structure of our competitive races, it really describes so much more of the heart & soul of this event.

For us, the word "Rally" embodies the essence of being motivated to get up, get outside and do something truly AMAZING! To rise up against the things that each of us feel are holding us back and achieve whatever we individually feel is possible. 

To come together for a common cause or inner struggle, celebrate and enjoy the outdoors and the company of good

friends, and get off our asses...This is the spirit of GEAR.

1stGEAR - 2019...and beyond

The 2019 "1st GEAR" event started only as an announcement for the much anticipated GEAR event series starting in 2020. When we started talking to the companies and organizations that had been involved in the initial planning of this event, everyone was so amp'd up to actually do something, that they quickly decided to host a small event to give a select few people a taste of what is to come for next year. 

So the 2019 "announcement event" turned into 1st GEAR in a matter of only a couple weeks.

Riding a candy-induced sugar high from Chutters, we sought the marketing advise of LGA Media Group and the expertise of the outdoor gurus at Littleton Bike & PRKR Mountain. Once everyone said "we're in"...we quickly turned to our friends at Total Image Running & Littleton Parks & Rec and the event was born.

If you were lucky enough to participate in 1st GEAR this year, you are able to count yourself as one of those select few that experienced this event before it was "THE EVENT".

Here's to cool people coming together to do cool stuff...and to the even cooler stuff to come.

Stay tuned...

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